ABOUT US | Golden Dunes Food Service

Golden Dunes is an Organization Structured to have the flexibility and versatility to keep ahead of local competition while keeping pace with the ever-evolving global business scenario. It is strategically positioned in the commercial hub of the Middle East, Dubai, UAE.


Golden Dunes started off as a Seafood Company delivering chilled and frozen seafood products under the brand name of Sea Fresh. Today it has come a long way to be recognized as one of the leading importers, exporters and distributors of chilled and frozen food products. During this very short span of time it has put up their own meat processing plant under the name of Al Dana Meats Supply Factory in Sharjah. Which has advanced facilities, food safety and quality management system that ensures production of hygiene and good quality products in compliance with food safety specifications such as HACCP, aside from its regular training of its staff, It also has its own chemical & microbiological laboratory to ensure that the products meet the basic requirements to meet international standards. Golden Dunes Food Service is food importer; processor and distribution companies that can help you make a difference where it counts - with your customers. With our extensive catalog of products and food service marketing services, we can help your business stand out when it matters most.

Our customers include high end restaurants, star hotels, hypermarket chains, fast food chains, airline caterings, hospitals and Guest Palaces etc. 

Our Ecommerce Empowerment

We are well-integrated in the food business and can therefore follow emerging influences and trends within the food industry. We know we have to keep our finger on the pulse of evolving consumer trends if we aspire to keep ourselves ahead of the competition and succeed in the business we are in. We have a modern, flexible approach with our BUSINESS and our intentions are to give our customers a reliable service based on individual requirements.

To achieve this objective, we launched our ecommerce business in United Arab Emirates with best quality food that we have in our hand. We believe in innovating and introducing new products as well as "offering best and fast solutions" in the food service industry .As per our market research and analysis, Golden Dunes General Trading LLC. implemented this Ecommerce project to get the precious and quality product to the end customer’s kitchen, at the same time we are professionally adapted the Ecommerce portal to handle our wholesale deals with our advance customer management system.


To seek excellence in all its business spheres and to provide complete satisfaction to its clients by taking on board their demands and offering them high quality products and services. As a importer and distributor Golden Dunes is fully committed to food safety and takes great pride in ensuring its customers that they are dedicated to produce sustainably-sourced, sustainably- safe, and high quality chilled and frozen products. To meet the needs of the customers Golden Dunes provides professional, reliable and effective distribution- the right product at the right time and at the right price! That’s why the caption “Your Perfect Business Partner” is apt for Golden Dunes.


The success of Golden Dunes can be attributed to its core philosophy which combines the ability to change with traditional values of integrity and service. It continues to reinvent itself and delivers best in class solutions based on a culture of innovation, coupled with their commitment to develop and supply high quality products to strategically aligned customers.


Our Brands & Certifcations